Conquering Performance Fears

Nervousness, anxiety, possibility of embarassing yourself, fear or just plain scared.  These are all intense emotions we all go through in our everyday lives. We may have to present a project in class/work, teach a skill to a small group, tutor someone in math, or in our case; perform in front of a live audience.Identifying our emotions is the first step towards conquering what irks us the most about performing for people.  Ask yourself:

Why do I feel this way? What causes us to feel anxious or afraid?
NEXT, practice does NOT make perfect. Aiming for perfection in practice MAKES perfect.  To gain success in our performance(s), we must engage our minds, body and to some enthusiast: our soul.  Repetitive practice, analysis or our music and focus of our minds are all different tasks we must consistently do each day.


  1. Perform for your family a few times a week. This will help you feel comfortable in front of an audience.
  2. Practice in your performance stance and run through the entire piece of music.
  3. Record yourself on video or audio.
  4. Practice in front of a mirror.

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