Musician Accessories (Tuners/Metronomes)

Alan Aranas

There are two things every musician must have: a Chromatic Tuner (except pianist) & a Metronome.

Here are accessories I highly recommend for our students:


Korg CA-40 Chromatic Tuner – $14-$18

These have been around for 3 decades now and always come in handy. It helps tune any instrument out there, and lasts a very long time. It’s battery operated and can easily be placed in your pocket.

Intellitouch  PT 10 – $28-$30 

Are you ever in a crowed room of musicians and your typical chromatic tuner keeps picking up pitches from everyone around you? The Intellitouch tunes your instrument by clipping onto it and picking up direct vibrations. Cool huh?

Korg TM-40 Combo Tuner/Metronome – $25-30

Tired of carrying around your tuner and metronome? Do you mistake your metronome for your tuner? The Korg TM-40 has both a tuner and metronome in one handy machine! How neat is that?Still small enough to fit in your pocket and runs on batteries.


Seiko SQ50 – V Quartz – $30 – $35

These little machines are built like tanks.  I’ve dropped mine plenty of times and it literally keeps on ticking, or in a metronome’s case – clicking.  The sound of the click is very tolerable and emulates the sound of an acoustic Wittner Metronome. You can input headphones without interrupting others around you.

Wittner 5403 – $53 – $60

These metronomes have been around for decades and looks great in any musical studio.  It works similar to a clock and requires winding after hours of usage.

Korg TM-40 Combo Tuner/Metronome – $25-30

See description above in TUNERS.