Rental FAQ

  1. Q: Why would I want to rent from the Music Academy of Virginia?
    A: All of our instruments are educator approved instruments. This means that all instruments bridges, pegs, strings are set up to the correct specification.
  2. Q: What if I damage the instrument while renting it?
    A: No worries. Under our Liability Damage Plan, all major parts of the instrument will be repaired or replaced with no extra charge.
  3. Q: What comes with a rental?
    A: Each rental includes the instrument, case, bow and a cake of rosin. Shoulder pads, shoulder rests, tuners, metronomes are all sold separately.
  4. Q: How can we trust the Music Academy of Virginia in regards to the information about musical instruments?
    A: The Music Academy of Virginia has over 4 decades of combined experience playing, dealing and selling musical instruments. We give the best advice we can and wish every musician at every level enjoys their learning experience.
  5. Q: Where can I see the instruments?
    A: Instrument requests are met through a personal consultation at one of two locations:
    The Virginia Volleyball Center, 45685 Oakbrook Ct., Suite #140, Sterling, VA 20166 (Room 105 – Home of the Youth Chamber Orchestra) or
    Our Home Studio location: 24701 Byrne Meadow Square, Stoneridge, VA

Please send your questions to: E-mail us at