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The MAVA Youth Violin Ensembles help musicians expand their minds through classical music. Your child will learn the following from our MAVA Youth ensembles:

Organization, Discipline, Respect, Dedication, Self Awareness, Focus, Perseverance, Self Expression, Self Confidence, Work Ethic, Problem Solving, Responsibility, Realizing one’s potential, Creativity, Leadership, and Pride.


The Parent, The Student and The Teacher will work together in a positive environment to help The Student achieve success to play the violin.  This is called The Triangle of Trust.  The Teacher instructs The Parent to teach The Student proper practice techniques to utilize at home.  To maximize the learning process The Parent will learn to play the violin to help create a learning relationship between the Student and Parent.  The Teacher evaluates both The Parent and The Teacher at lessons to help The Student achieve success on the violin!


MAVA’s audio recording, internet media and multimedia resources help engage performers in a rapidly changing technological age. Our instructors are composers, songwriters, active performers in Broadway musicals and local orchestras. We continue to help young performers engage in performance opportunities around the area. We believe in simulating real life musical experiences in our week to week rehearsals to produce the most well-rounded students.


MUSIC 1 (5 classes):

Parents will learn to teach their child the basic fundamentals of violin. Students will learn the proper techniques of posture and sound production on the violin.  Parents and Students are split up within the same room into two groups: Parent Groups & Student Groups with Mr. Alan Aranas. Parents and Students will begin ear training to supplement fun learning on the violin.  Parents will learn materials ahead of students to gain constant interest of the student during practice at home.

MUSIC 2 (5 classes):

*Prerequisite: must attend Music 1

The next level is MUSIC 2.  Parents and Students continue posture and sound production training. At this stage the student will begin formulating short pieces of music.  Parents have already learned these songs in MUSIC 1, which in turn helps the student excel faster.

MUSIC 3 (5 classes): 

*Prerequisite: must attend Music 1 & 2

This stage of our violin education prepares all students for concert performance on stage.  Students will rehearse while reviewing posture, sound production, and memorization.  Students will perform in a group ensemble at the RECITAL. Students who attend the MUSIC 3 class are required to perform at the RECITAL.



Music 1 – Posture & Sound Production I: Sep. 27 – Oct. 25

Music 2 – Posture & Sound Prodution II: Nov. 1 – Dec. 6 (No Class Nov. 29)

Music 3 – Performance Preparation: Dec. 13 – Jan. 24 – (No Classes Dec. 27 & Jan 3)

*All students in Music 3 must perform in the WINTER RECITAL.

WINTER RECITAL – Jan. 30, 2016 – Saturday 3:00pm


Music 1 – Posture & Sound Production I: Feb. 28 – Apr. 3 (no class Mar. 27)

Music 2 Posture & Sound Prodution II: Apr. 10 – May 1

Music 3 – Performance Prep: May 8 – June 5, June 10 – 6pm

* (No Class May 29)

* All students in Music 3 must perform in the SUMMER RECITAL.

SUMMER RECITAL – June 11, 2016 – Saturday 3:00pm


SUNDAYS: 2:30pm – 3:30pm


PVUMC Outreach Center, 25350 Poland Avenue, Chantilly, VA


Alan Aranas


Instruments are not provided and students must be prepared with their own instruments on the first day of rehearsal. Please contact us for more information on rental instruments in the area. We only recommend EDUCATOR APPROVED instruments. The Music Academy of Virginia instructors will have the right to refuse the usage of instruments during rehearsal if instruments are not approved. This is for safety and consistency.

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$80 per 5 week session

Deadline to register:



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  • Make Check or Money Order out to the Music Academy Of Virginia (add $10 fee)


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Please note: This on-line form does not guarantee your child a spot in the group strings class. Kindly wait for e-mail confirmation confirming your child’s accepted registration. Please check website for updates.

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Youth Violin Ensembles (Ages 4-7)